Rhett Jeppson Joins The American Bullion Family!

We are proud to announce that Rhett Jeppson, a 28-year career U.S. Marine, past acting chief operating officer with Small Business Administration, and past Principal Deputy Director of the United States Mint has joined the American Bullion business team, as a spokesperson and publication contributor. His cumulative work experience provides a unique viewpoint from a purely American success story, which I’m sure we’ll be hearing plenty about, in future contributions. The most readily applicable experience to our readers’ interest will be his two-year stint at the U. S. Mint, which like all the rest of his experience left a long-lasting positive influence in its wake.

You’ve got to wonder what kind of trust and respect it takes in order to justify literally giving someone the keys to the country’s treasury, but considering that the U.S. Marines, in advance of his Mint stint, gave him the job of Deputy Director of Operations for U. S. Forces in Afghanistan, from 2009 to 2010. Well, I think, enough said. At any rate, I’m sure we’ll be hearing a great deal directly from Rhett, but what you probably would never hear from Rhett is the fact that in the two years prior to his taking the helm at the U.S. Mint, its profitability averaged less than $350 million per year, but due to his organization, insight and surgical re-excitement of the collector community, it exceeded $550 million annually during his tenure.

The “surgical re-excitement” I’m referring to is his recognition of what’s important to collectors. He not only celebrated the 30th anniversary of the American Silver Eagle with a much-appreciated and meaningful design change, but he also returned the Platinum Eagle, one of the most-ever coveted platinum coins to production, by managing to overcome raw material shortages. His list of accomplishments is long in relatively short periods, but I would be remiss if I didn’t bring his celebration of the Mint’s 225th anniversary to your attention. While its design utilizes the familiar allegorical figure of Liberty, it does so representing her for the first time as an African-American woman. Within the tradition-rich confines of numismatic collectors, it remains a product of interest and a center point for discussion.

Rhett Jeppson regularly referred to his time at the Mint as a “privilege.” Though he was honored with a Presidential nomination to be its next Director and was approved by a Senate Banking Committee which solidified his “Principal” authority, the fact that partisan in-fighting prevented a vote on the Senate floor defaulted his term to end when the new President took office. The country’s loss is our gain and we are happy to welcome him to our Team. As a citizen whose draft lottery numbers were not picked in ’73 or ’74 and therefore was not required to serve during the Viet Nam Era, I am not only happy to welcome him to our American Bullion Family, but also am happy to thank him profusely and salute him for ALL of his diligent service to our country.